For some reason, I have never been able to resist an online survey. Those who have followed me long enough on twitter might remember that, when I first created my account last year, I used to take close to 40 personality quizzes a day and then tweet the results.

(And though many of those quizzes were ultimately rather pointless, I did occasionally learn something about myself. For instance, I discovered that I’m a good kisser, a Libertarian, a Deist, and that I am apparently Angelina Jolie’s boob twin.)

But for whatever reason, I still love tracking down and doing those stupid little quizzes and tests that I used to take so seriously just a few years ago. Maybe it’s my way of fighting back against the fact that I’m not a little girl anymore, that I’m an adult who has to deal with the real world. Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to talk about myself.

Who knows?

Last night, before I went to bed, I took the time to do the following quiz. The quiz itself is a variation of the I Have Never game. Looking over the results, I don’t really know that they say much about who I am as much as they just simply reflect the fact that I’ve never slept on broken glass. Do the experiences make us or do we make the experiences? I sincerely hope it’s the second one.

(One last sidenote: Just from going by this quiz, it might sound like I have a tendency towards shoplifting. This could not be further from the truth. It’s just something I used to do…)

Created by letseatsomebrains and taken 162 times on Bzoink
Slept in a bathtub?: Yes
Slept in a closet?: Yes
Slept in a boat?: No
Slept in car?: Yes
Slept in someone else’s bed?: Yes
Slept on the bathroom floor?: Yes
Slept on grass?: Yes
Slept on glass?: No
Slept on someone?: Yes
Slept during a movie?: Yes
Slept during school?: Yes
Slept during something ‘important’?: Yes
Slept with your eyes opened?: No
Slept with no clothes on?: Yes
Slept with a hat on?: No
Laughed at someone with a disorder?: No
Laughed at someone who was just butt ass ugly?: No
Laughed at somone for not even being funny even though they tried to?: Yes
Laughed in someones face for saying something dumb?: Yes
Laughed in the shower?: Yes
Laughed in class when it was quiet?: Yes
Laughed during a ‘talent show’?: Yes
Laughed during sex?: Yes
Laughed during a physical?: Yes
Laughed by yourself?: Yes
Laughed by a priest?: Yes
Laughed by a tree?: Yes
Laughed while someone played you a song?: Yes
Laughed while at the dentist?: Yes
Laughed while smokeing a cigarette?: Yes
Been Drunk?: Yes
Been drunk in public?: Yes
Been drunk at a store?: Yes
Been drunk at your house?: Yes
Been drunk with friends?: Yes
Been drunk with you bf/gf?: Yes
Been drunk by yourself?: Yes
Been drunk at a park?: Yes
Been drunk at school?: Yes
Been drunk at work?: No
Been drunk at friends relatives house?: Yes
Been drunk at a friends house?: Yes
Been drunk at a funeral?: No
Been drunk early in the moring?: Yes
Been drunk late at night?: Yes
Stolen anything?: Yes
Stolen food?: Yes
Stolen a CD?: No
Stolen clothes?: Yes
Stolen bracelets?: Yes
Stolen a necklace?: Yes
Stolen anything from Hottopic?: Yes
Stolen anything from Clairs?: No
Stolen anything from Walmart?: Yes
Stolen anything from Target?: Yes
Stolen alcohol?: Yes
Stolen shoes?: Yes
Stolen anything for someone else?: No
Stolen anything for a family member?: No
Stolen anything just cause you were bored?: Yes
Had sex?: Yes
Had sex indoors?: Yes
Had sex in the shower?: Yes
Had sex in the kitchen?: No
Had sex in your room?: Yes
Had sex in someone else’s room?: Yes
Had sex in public?: Uhmm…define public.
Had sex in the mall?: Does the parking lot count?
Had sex during school hours?: Yes
Had sex in a car?: Yes
Had sex infront of someone?: Yes
Had sex in a theater?: Yes
Had sex at a concert?: No
Had sex and not enjoy it?: Yes
Had sex and enjoyed it?: Yes
Smoke weed?: Yes
Smoke weed in public?: No
Smoke weed in the bathroom?: No
Smoke weed in your backyard?: No
Smoke weed in a friends backyard?: Yes
Smoke weed at a friends house?: Yes
Smoke weed with your bf/gf?: Yes
Smoke weed and no one died?: Yes
Smoke weed and watch a movie?: Yes
Smoke weed at a concert?: Yes
Smoke weed in a van?: No
Smoke weed somewhere awesome?: Yes
Smoke weed at your house?: Yes
Smoke weed all day?: No
Smoke weed at went to a family event?: Yes
Done nothing with friends aall day?: Yes
Done something fucking retarted with friends?: Yes
Done something absolutly fun with friends?: Yes
Done something you regret with friends?: Yes
Done something cool with a friend?: Yes
You and a friend ever walk all day together?: Yes
You and a friend ever laugh for no reason?: Yes
You and a friend watch movies all day long?: Yes
You and a friend listen to music all day long?: Yes
You and a friend gone joy riding all day long?: Yes
Slapped a friend?: Yes
Sneeze on a friend?: No
Spread a rumor about a friend?: No
Get annoyed by a friend?: Yes
Love a friend?: Yes
You’ve been totally Bzoink*d!
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