They come out in droves

Huddle across the room

Swoop in for the kill

Drooling and staring

I’m snarling and glaring

They make me downright uncomfortable

Should have worn a baggy sweater

Vultures circling

Occasionally touching down in the desert

To chew on the rotting carcass of my goodwill

Sometimes telling me I’m beautiful

I’ve got great legs

I’ve got a wonderful smile

I’veย got a hot ass

My kingdom for a fly swatter

Rid me of these annoying pests

Where is the dove in this sky of vultures?

But how I dream at night

How I dream of anything

Sometimes, just to be left alone

To walk down a street

Without honks escaping from passing cars

To sit alone in public

Without being approached by

sex-crazed assholes

Sweet solitude

It’s a myth