Yes, this is another one of those silly and ultimately pointless online surveys that, for whatever reason, give me so much joy.

I have to admit though that I’ve noticed a disturbing trend whenever I go searching for silly online surveys.  Along with the expected purity tests, when-will-you-die predictions, and “who is your celebrity boob twin” reports, I’ve discovered that all of my favorite quiz sites have been infected by thousands of different surveys all concerning one human being.

That human being is Justin Bieber.

Every site I go to now seems to be full of surveys designed to let me know just how likely it is that I will some day end up as Mr. Lisa Marie Bieber.  What’s disturbing is that, if the surveys are to be believed, the chances are pretty good.

Now, to be honest, I have no desire to marry Justin Bieber.  First off, I don’t know that I ever want to get married, secondly, I tend to prefer older men and third, from what I’ve seen on TMZ, he kinda sorta appears to be a little dumbfug toadsucker.

Still, it disturbs me that I’m going to be 25 on November 9th of this year and already, I find myself thinking “What’s wrong with kids today?”  When did I become an adult and why didn’t anyone warn me ahead of time?

Anyway, considering that I’m apparently getting older, it’s perhaps appropriate that I took a survey of my fears.

Measure Your Fears – Would You, Wouldn’t You, You Did
Created by beindthecurtain and taken 62405 times on Bzoink
Pet a snake: Wouldn’t
Spend a week in an empty room: Would
Ride in a hot-air balloon: Did
Sky dive: Wouldn’t
Sing in front of a huge audience: Did
scuba dive: Wouldn’t
Sit in the front seat of a roller coaster: Wouldn’t
Deliver a baby: Would
Swim across the Amazon River: Wouldn’t
Change careers: Would
Disappear for a long period of time: Did
Walk through the forest alone at night: Did
Join a space mission: Wouldn’t
Tell everyone what you honestly think of them: Did
Call off your wedding: Did, kinda. Long story.
Walk naked through New York City for 10 minutes during rush hour: Would
Walk up to Mike Tyson and call him a girl: Wouldn’t
Disarm a bomb: Wouldn’t
CLean the outside windows of a skyscraper: Wouldn’t
Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker: Wouldn’t but not because of fear. I don’t deface art.
Go on tour with Elvis: Wouldn’t
Go swimming during a thunder storm: Wouldn’t, can’t swim
Preform surgury on your best friend: Would but my friend would die
You’ve been totally Bzoink*d!
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